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  • Bourne Valley Associates Ltd

    Welcome to Bourne Valley Associates. We provide design, planning and project management services to the Agricultural, Industrial and Renewable Energy Sectors.

    We provide a comprehensive, cost effective and personal service for all areas of the development from conception to completion.Bourne Valley Associates provide design, planning and project management services.

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  • Agricultural Design

    With over 10 years of agricultural experience we are happy to help with your new farm building design. From single buildings to full farm redevelopment, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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  • Renewable Energy

    Anaerobic digestion, solar panels and bio-mass are our speciality, contact us to discuss your Renewable project...

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  • Industrial Design

    We have designed and built a large number of industrial buildings over the last 10 years. Feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements, we will ensure your project runs smoothly.

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  • Equestrian Design

    Covering all aspects of any large or small equestrian project, we can help you with your initial ideas and plans all the way through to a completed tailor made project. 


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  • Residential Design

    Architectural design, householder applications and listed building consent are some of the services we offer to the residential sector. Contact us to discuss your requirments.

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Enforcement Notices

12 Dec 2012

Enforcement notices can be served for a breach of planning control.  

Sometimes developments are completed without the owner applying for the correct permissions to do so. In this case an enforcement notice would be served on the owner by the Local Planning Authority (LPA); this notice specifies what the LPA consider to be a breach of planning control. The enforcement notice specifies the action to be taken to remedy the breach.




This could mean any of the following:

  • submit a retrospective planning application for the development allowing it to comply with terms of a planning permission
  • discontinue the use of the land
  • or restore the site back to its original condition prior to when the breach occurred

Failure to comply with the enforcement notice is an offence which carries a large fine.

We understand the implications of enforcement notices and will guide you through the system.Our in-house teams will liaise with the local authority, addressing the issues that have brought about the enforcement and work with you and the local authority to rectify the breach in planning. If necessary we can appeal the enforcement notice.

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  • 3D Visualisation Services Using the latest 3D computer aided design packages we produce accurate three dimensional
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  • In this area we aim to provide an adaptive role which suits your requirements. This could
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  • Our core design business is geared to creating individual, innovative and dynamic building environments and solutions
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